When you don't like the colour...paint it!

As many are enjoying Family Day (Islander day in PEI), I spent a portion of my day painting furniture.  My personal paint studio is filled with pieces of furniture I have purchased, found, or have had given to me.


Painting furniture is a hobby, a hobby that I am practicing as I want to share it with others through workshops and painting custom pieces for clients.

A while back I started using Aspire Mineral Paint.  Aspire  Mineral Paint is a Canadian made product, all natural, zero VOC, eco-friendly, and solvent free.  There are many types of chalk and mineral paints on the market, all have benefits, and all have their drawbacks.  I have tried other brands, but I like working with Aspire Paint and I am happy with the results this product is giving me.

Chalk paint, distressing, and IOD transfers are all the rage today.  This is not a new trend, I've been painting furniture for over 20 years, it just lost its appeal for a while.  

To paint with chalk paint all you needs is a good paint brush, some water, and your paint.  Your finished product doesn't have to be perfect, in fact many pieces look better when they are not painted perfectly.  Imperfections add character and make your piece one of a kind.  

Every piece of furniture I have painted has turned out differently, depending on my mood and what I was trying to achieve.  I have looked at pieces after they're done and how they turned out was completely not what I was going for, but they still looked amazing.  

Turn an old piece into something refreshed and new, bring some love into a piece you have that is hidden away.  The possibilities are endless.  Let your inner artist come out, you may be amazed at what you can create with the right product.

If anyone is interested in learning how to use chalk paint contact me at stuffnsuchpei@gmail.com.  I'd love to share my Aspire products with you, teach you some tricks, and help you re-love and re-invent furniture pieces for your home.  If you have pieces you'd like to paint, and just no desire to do them, contact me, we can pick colours you like and I'll do it for you.


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