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Iron Orchid Designs (IOD) Decor Transfers

Today I received my first IOD order from Iron Orchid Designs.  I am the only retailer in PEI to be selling these products, which is exciting.  I placed a small order, as not knowing if clientele on PEI would want these products, I did not want to carry a lot of products people don't want.  Interest will result in more product.  Why anyone wouldn't want these, however is beyond me.  

These products are for the DIY'er, both new and experienced.  They are designed to bring the 'WOW' to your DIY projects at home.  They are simple to use, and if following some simple instructions, you can't go wrong.  

For my fellow painters out there, who like me like to re-image and re-love furniture, adding IOD transfers, stamps, and moulds to your furniture pieces will transform your pieces to a new level of 'awesome-ness'.  Trust me :)

Today, I applied an IOD transfer onto a kitchen chair I previously painted using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint.  I did not seal the chair before using the IOD transfer.

IOD transfers

IOD decor Transfers are a little delicate and need a little extra care, but they are worth it. Don't let what I just said intimidate you.  Following a little instruction, they are easy to use and add instant style to your DIY projects. Today was my first time trying them, and I had no issues.

When you unpack and cut (if you are cutting) the transfer, keep the transfer with its backing sheet adhered until you are ready to use it. Do not allow the adhesive side of transfer to touch anything prior to application.

Start with a clean, dry, matte surface. If the surface your using was painted, make sure the piece well cured (a good couple days if using a chalk or mineral paint).  If you are using a mineral (chalk paint) that requires sealing, don't seal the piece until after you have added the transfer. 

I cut out this flower, keeping the backing on the image.  I then carefully removed the backing and slowly placed the transfer onto the surface, making sure not to touch it on the surface until my placement was correct.  Once it was on the surface of my chair I taped it down using a low tack tape so it did not move.

In the IOD transfer package there is a plastic tool provided.  Starting at one end of the transfer I rubbed somewhat firmly to adhere the image to the surface. I can't explain how firm to rub, but you'll find your rhythm quickly. 

I rubbed the image until the entire image was transferred. 

As your rubbing, you'll notice the image becomes a bit translucent, which is the imaging transferring onto the surface.  As you work through your image, lift a portion of the transfer (carefully) to ensure it is transferring to your piece. If any parts aren’t transferred when you lift, simply lay it back down and rub more on that portion.

After your picture is completely transferred, with a clean dry hand, smooth down any bits that aren’t flatly adhered.

After your image is transferred, seal the piece with whatever sealer is recommended with the paint you have used.  IOD recommends sealing with a water based (or not harsh solvent based) sealer, waxes created for chalk type paints, or anything that doesn't contain harsh solvents.

There are many Youtube videos that show you how to use these transfers, simply search IOD designs in Youtube.

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